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Cancer Camp in Vapi

Advanced laparoscopic and Cancer surgeries Camp successfully done 21st Century Hospitals Pvt. Ltd- VAPI/SURAT




Dr. Shailesh Puntambekar & Dr. Gitanjali Puntambekar

A major Laparoscopic and Cancer surgery Camp was organized at 21st Century Hospitals Pvt. Ltd Vapi and Surat on 17th and 18th September at the Surat and Vapi branches. Dr Shailesh Puntambekar, a world renowned laparoscopic and cancer surgeon and a pioneer in robotic surgeries from Galaxy Care Hospitals Pune, was invited to operate and demonstrate difficult and major cancer and laparoscopic cases.

In all, 20 major cases were operated at the 2 hospitals, in 2 days, at subsidized rates. Cases like cancer of ovary and cervix, difficult hysterectomies (removal of diseased uterus), pseudocyst of pancreas, gall bladder diseases, difficult problems regarding infertility like endometriosis and fibroids along with major GI surgeries of stomach and esophagus, were performed successfully and laparoscopically.

To mention a few, one case was of carcinoma ovary in a 58 yrs old female, which was stage 3 with retroperitoneal metastasis, not responding to chemotherapy and the cancer involving the rectum also, which was removed completely laparoscopically, the rectum, ovary, uterus and omentum all together and later using staplers the rectum rejoined and closed. This case was one of its own kind in which, for the first time in Gujarat, a cancer of this kind was tackled laparoscopically.

Another case was a young case 23 years male suffering from chronic pancreatitis with pseudocyst, which was tackled laparoscopically, in which a cystojejunostomy was done ie the small intestines were laparoscopically joined to the cyst in the pancreas. This patient was suffering from the disease for last 3 years and at this young age, was denied surgery by many surgeons due to the risk of bleeding, but this was done safely at the 21st Century Hospital, Vapi.

All surgeries were done laparoscopically and there was a variety of cases which Dr Puntambekar appreciated. Dr. Shailesh also appreciated the facilities of laparoscopic surgery and cancer at 21st Century Hospiatals Pvt. Ltd, Vapi. He said he would be regularly giving his services at this small town in our 21st Century Hospitals now on, atleast once a month. It was a treat to watch him operate at this small town of south Gujarat. There were facilities where in all doctors who wanted to watch the surgery live, were telecasted in the conference room on the 1st floor of the hospital, and the relatives too were shown the surgeries live outside the operation theatre. Dr Puntambekar and Dr Akshay Nadkarni, together completed the major cancer surgeries in record time. The advantages of laparoscopy are shorter duration of surgery, better vision, ability to record the surgeries for future references and second opinion, better post operative recovery, lesser post operative pain and early return to normal activities.

Dr Shailesh Puntambekar, is an internationally acclaimed laparoscopic and cancer surgeon practising at Pune. He has operated in over 20 countries and is a faculty in almost all live workshops and conferences in India and abroad.

Dr Akshay Nadkarni, son of Dr. Kishore and Dr. Purnima Nadkarni (who run a successful IVF-ICSI program along with three multispeciality hospitals at Pardi,Vapi and Surat), is presently doing a fellowship with Dr. Puntambekar and is being trained in laparoscopic and cancer surgeries. Prior to this, he completed his MS in general surgery and DNB from Manipal University, Karnataka with a gold medal and award for Best Outgoing Student. He was also a university topper in his MBBS course. Dr Akshay then did a Fellowship from Tata Memorial Cancer Hospital, before joining Dr. Puntambekar for further training in laparoscopic and open cancer surgeries.

Dr Aditi Nadkarni, wife of Dr Akshay, is fully qualified and trained Gynecologist from Mumbai, having done a fellowship in laparoscopic surgery from Germany and Fellowship in Fetal Medicine and Ultrasound from Dr. S. Suresh from Chennai. She has already joined 21st century hospital Vapi and plans to set up an IVF centre with Dr Purnima Nadkarni, at Vapi.

Dr. Akshay and Dr. Aditi, with the support and blessings of their parents, Dr. Kishore and Purnima Nadkarni, plan to settle down in Killa Pardi and Vapi to serve the people of rural south Gujarat. They plan to set up cancer and advanced laparoscopic services and a minimally invasive centre along with a world class IVF (In-Vitro Fertilization centre for infertile couples), at 21st century hospitals Vapi very shortly. Also they are opening a 50 bedded multispeciality hospital with cancer and IVF centre along with 24 hrs services and trauma centre at Killa Pardi which they plan to open for a social cause for the rural people which will cater the poor and needy patients of South Gujarat. Also, the Nadkarni Family plans to start “Nadkarni’s Cancer Foundation”, at the Killa Pardi branch, that will be serving the poor and needy cancer patients, along with de-addiction and cancer screening programs in the villages of Valsad district, by 2012.