11 LSCS deliveries on 11.11.11

11 LSCS deliveries at our 21st Century Hospital & Test Tube Baby Centre-Surat and more at Killa Pardi & Vapi (at Nadkarni Hospital & Test Tube Baby Centre & 21st Century Hospitals Pvt. Ltd.) on 11.11.11 and all Test Tube Babies…A world record.

Rajasthan Patrika - 11.11.11


4 responses to “11 LSCS deliveries on 11.11.11

  1. Hello, Im fron latinoamerica, we saw your press release and there’s some doubts about this notices,
    We don’t understand the local languaje, so in english: it means that 11 babies was born from an only mother? or those babies are product of infertility treatment in some women? thank you for your reply, Mercedes pérez, Uruguay

  2. mashALLAH allahU AKBER

  3. MashALLAH , NICE

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