Twins delivered by surrogacy +Egg Donation


Dr. Pooja Nadkarni Singh & Dr. Purnima Nadkarni






This is the story of an impossible case of Test tube baby made possible by third party reproduction.


The story is of a patient named Renu Saha( name changed ) who belongs to Rajasthan  age 27 married since 2 years. She presented with primary infertility.


On evaluation by Dr. Purnima Nadkarni she did not have external genitalia. Her laparoscopy showed absence of uterus, tubes and ovaries. Dr Purnima then ordered genetic analysis (karyotype) of the female. It was found that genetically the patient is a male 46 XY. It was deduced that since she did not have an ovary, neither uterus she could not conceive. She was advised to go for IVF with egg donation from a donor and the surrogacy. Dr. Purnima and Dr. Pooja did her IVF cycle at 21st Century Hospital & Tests Tube Baby Centre, Surat in October 2010. A young healthy egg donor, and a surrogate mother was also identified. And after all legal procedures, IVF was done using husband’s sperms and the egg donor’s eggs. 4 embryos were made and they were transferred in the uterus of the surrogate mother. The surrogate mother concieved with twins. On this Wednesday 29/06/2011 Dr. Pooja and Dr. Purnima plan to do a cesarian section of her. The surrogate mother is healthy and the twins are also growing well.


This story gives a lot of hope to those hopeless numerous couples who have been deprived the joy of motherhood by nature. It has been the endeavor of Dr. Purnima  and Dr. Pooja to give the best and the latest treatment available to see couples and see a smile on their face once they conceived. Dr. Purnima is a pioneer in the field of IVF with two centers. She has treated numerous couples of infertility. To her credit she has given around 1000 test tube babies in a carrier span of 25 years.


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