Miracle Babies Meet-Press Note-English

Is a gathering of about 250 babies, their parents, doctors, friends and well wishers, along with infertility patients seeking treatment. This is basically an awareness and educational program, organized by Nadkarni Medical Foundation, along with 21st century hospital and Test Tube Baby Centre, Surat.

21st century hospital and test tube baby, Surat is a tertiary level referral centre for infertility treatment in Surat. It was started in March 2007, and in the last 3 years, has given more than 450 test tube babies to patients from all over Gujarat, India and abroad.

To celebrate this success, Miracle Babies meet has been organized basically for fellowship, food, fun, frolic and entertainment, in addition to education and awareness of general public, regarding infertility.

Smt. Rohini Hattangadi, noted actress , TV and theatre personality, is the chief guest on this occasion, along with Dr Usha Krishna, noted senior Obstretician and Gynecologist and Mr WS KIM, MD and CEO, LG Lifesciences, who are the guests of honour.

On this occasion, two booklets will be released, first, the brochure of 21st century hospitals Pvt, Ltd Surat, indicating the profile highlights and achievements of the hospital along with information regarding infertility treatments, for the benefit of the patients, and, second, a booklet titled “AASHA NU KIRAN – A RAY Of HOPE”, in two languages. These real life stories, outline the success achieved by impossible cases we have handled so far and is intended to motivate infertile couples with repeated failures to persist with treatment and eventually conceive a child.

The hosts for this conference are mainly – Dr Purnima Nadkarni, Dr Kishore Nadkarni, Dr Pooja Singh, Dr Prabhakar Singh, Dr Akshay Nadkarni, Dr Aditi Nadkarni and their entire IVF team, who have worked relentlessly, over the last several years, for the success of this IVF program.  This program is being on 15th august 2010, Our Independence Day, as part of our “FREEDOM FROM INFERTILITY” initiative.


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