A Rare gift of MOTHER’S DAY

A Rare gift of MOTHER’S DAY from a mother to her daughter


Mother becomes surrogate of triplet pregnancy for her daughter in 21st Century Hospital & Test Tube Baby Center, Surat.

Bhavika Kathwadia & Saurabh Kathwadia the residents of Rajkot had a love marriage 6 yrs ago. Bhavika was not menstruating & doctors in Rajkot had told her that she was not having the uterus. In spite of this problem Saurabh married her & his parents too accepted the fact that Bhavika will never mother a child & they may not get a “chirag” to their family. As days passed, seeing the children playing in vicinity both of them felt like having their own child. They contacted Dr. Purnima Nadkarni & Dr. Pooja Nadkarni Singh of 21st Century Hospital-Surat.

Dr Nadkarni said it was a rare case of Mullarian Agenesis called “Mayer Rockitanski Kuster Hauser” syndrome, in which a girl child is born without uterus. She has vagina & ovaries intact but no uterus hence does not get menses & can not bear a child. Such patients need a surrogate uterus to bear their child for 9 months. Her mother Mrs. Shobhanaben Chavada became ready to be a surrogate mother to Bhavika. Shobhanaben is 45 yrs old & having 4 children. The last one is 12 yrs old. Bhavika is her eldest daughter.

Dr. Pooja planned her IVF-ET (Test Tube Baby Treatment) method. 3 embryos were replaced in the womb of Mrs. Shobhanaben. She conceived in first attempt & is now having triplet pregnancy. The uterus which has once delivered Bhavika now will deliver Bhavika’s triplets. This is the first case of Surrogacy in the World where a real mother is becoming a surrogate to her child without uterus & going to deliver her triplets. Isn’t it a great gift of “Mother’s Day” by one mother to her child?

Mr. Saurabh, Bhavika, Dr. Purnima & Dr. Pooja

Shobhnaben Chavda (Surrogate Mother), Saurabh & Bhavika (Genetic Parent)

Saurabh, Bhavika, Dr. Purnima Nadkarni & Dr. Pooja Nadkarni Singh

Saurabh, Bhavika & Dr. Purnima

Shobhnaben, Saurabh, Bhavika, Dr. Purnima & Dr. Pooja

Saurabh, Bhavika, Dr. Purnima & Dr. Pooja


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