Training in UK

Dr. Pooja with Dr. Joyce

Dr. Pooja & Dr. Prabhakar with Dr. Joyce

Dr.Pooja Nadkarni Singh – budding Gynecologist & Dr.Prabhakar Singh (Embryologist) both running successful infertility program at 21ST Century Hospital & Test Tube Baby Centre Surat – recently visited London for training in PGD (Preimplantation Genetic diagnosis) & assisted hatching from University college of London. They were the only Indians amongst 40 international delegates who successfully completed this course.

Assisted Hatching

Preimplantation diagnosis following assisted hatching and blastomere biopsy is required in case of recurrent IVF failures and for diagnosis of congenital anomalies & diseases such as sickle cell, thalasaemia, muscular dystrophies & many other conditions & blood disorders.

21ST Century Hospital & Test Tube Baby Centre has just completed 3 yrs in Surat & has already had more than 380 successful ICSI pregnancies. The hospital has now added laser assisted hatching equipment for the first time in south Gujarat to help improve results in case of difficult & impossible cases & also for PGD.

Dr.Joyce Harper from the University of London under whom Dr.Pooja & Dr.Prabhakar were trained has offered to give guidance & technical support for this new Venture.

With this, 21ST Century adds yet another feather to its Cap.


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