Dear Doctor,

Nadkarni Hospital & Test Tube Baby Centre is a tertiary level referral centre for infertility located at Killa Pardi, South Gujarat 150 kms from Mumbai with a proven track record of over 20years and over the years it has developed into a centre of excellence giving consistent results. We offer all ART services under one roof ranging from IUI to ICSI MESA, TESA. All supporting investigative facility is available such as 3D color doppler & advanced endoscopic surgery. At NACU & RC we believe that we should constantly learn, teach & evaluate. We have an ongoing infertility training programme (details enclosed) & our centre is a FOGSI recognized centre for training in infertility. So far, over 450 gynaecologists have attended workshops in our hospital. We also have ongoing research projects, present our data in national & international conferences & hold annual conferences & CME programmes. We invite you to Killa Pardi for a pleasant, personal & satisfying learning experience.


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