Doctors from Haiti

Doctors from Haiti

These 3 doctors ( Dr. Harry J. Beauvais MD; MPH, Dr. Thierry, Dr. Daine) who were attached to CHITAI (FOSREF Rue A#16, Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Tel: (509) 3401-4337, 3702-4337) in Haiti had come to India-Mumbai-Surat-Killa Pardi-Vapi to  learn IVF & Endoscopy from us. We trained them intensively. We became good friends. On 12 January, 2010 we saw massive earthquake in TV. We are worried about our friends. Can anyone tell us how they are? Are they alive & safe? Our prayers are with you all Haitians.


3 responses to “Doctors from Haiti

  1. Dr Harry J. Beauvais

    Hi every one!
    Thanks for your support. We are all still alive and focus more than ever to fulfill our dream: start pretty soon a new Comprehensive Woman Health Center in Port-au-Prince including the First IVF Center of the country. The training Nadkarni IVF Center was just great and I’m sure that other physicians of CHITAI will visit you in a near futur. For the time being , we are just concentrating on the setting of the Center in spite of the big delay caused by the eartquake. I’ll keep you posted.

    • Dear Dr. Beauvais,
      I was given your business card a few days after the terrible earthquake that stroke Port au Prince, and tried to look after you.
      I am glad that you are safe and sound!
      Best regards,

      Mr. Noam Assouline
      Marketing & Business Development Associate
      53 Rothschild Boulevard, PO Box 68,
      Tel Aviv, 61000,Israel
      Tel: +972-3-5666166 ext. 223
      Fax: +972-3-5666177

  2. Hello to our dear friends.All tree of us are fortunately alive.We lost family members and many friends.We were about to start our IVF center in february,but we lost almost everything on january 12th.We’re still fighting for this big dream.We won’t give up.Thanks for everything.

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